"Bringing Nature Back to the Farm"

  • Family owned/operated sustainable farm
  • No chemicals, hormones or antibiotics and pesticide free pastures
  • Humane treatment of all our animals

Welcome to Covenant Valley Farm! We Believe in “Bringing Nature Back to the Farm”

Covenant Valley Farm is a family-owned and operated venture that began in 2009. At Covenant Valley Farm, we use organic principles, and raise our animals without the use of chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. The pastures for our cattle are free of pesticides/ herbicides, and free of synthetic fertilizers.  We currently offer Certified Naturally Grown honey, which our Honeybees produce without the aid of chemicals or antibiotics, handcrafted lip balms and beeswax candles, and grass-fed Angus beef.  We believe that, by reducing the environmental and nutritional stresses on our animals, we can improve the quality and nutritional value of our food system.  We integrate our farming practices and manage our lands in a manner that creates a healthy environment which benefits all our bees, poultry, cattle, and soil together as a whole. In recognizing our responsibility to care for God’s blessings, each of our animals is treated humanely for the entire length of time that they are on the farm. Our ultimate goal is to provide our family and our customers with healthier food options and high-quality, natural products.  We invite you to join our adventure in sustainable farming!

Our Products

Certified Naturally Grown Wildflower Honey
Certified Naturally Grown Sourwood Honey
Grass-fed Angus Beef
Pasture-raised Pork
Handcrafted Lip Balms
Handcrafted Beeswax Candles
Honey Butters
Educational Opportunities